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A Birthday at Gullringstorp, continued…

First, I would like to thank all the lovely Birthday wishes for husband. So very nice of you. He was really surprised by the post here and the post I placed on my Facebook page. Throughout the day, he received Birthday wishes from all over the world, Pakistan, Canada, NY, USA, London, Paris, Iran and of course Sweden.

It was a lovely day to be out and about the property yesterday, so that’s where Leif was most of the day. The evening was spent a beautiful and romantic restaurant, in  the biggest city nearest to us. Sitting there amid the dimly lit, very beautiful restaurant, I couldn’t help thinking of that cute children’s book: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse. There we sat two little Country mice amidst the lovely City Mice. Heehee. Actually we do “clean up” nicely and you couldn’t tell we were actually Country Mice in disguise. I promise we left our overalls in the country.

We had a wonderful evening, meal, wine and atmosphere:


Leif’s Förrätt / Starter

Terrin på oxsvans av Herford från Viking-Vänga, morotscrème, gelé på pressgurka

(Terrine made from slow-cooked ox tail of Hereford from local area, carrot cream, pickled cucumber jelly served on a granite slate)


My Förrätt / Starter

Musselsoppa med roatad bröd och aoli

(clam soup with toast and aoli)


Leif’s Huvudrätter / Main Course

Rosatekt ankbröst, vincottosky smaksatt med hallon, hasslbackpotatis, presskål

(Pink.fried breast of duck, vincotto jus seasoned with raspberries, Hasselback potatoes, cabbage)


Mu Huvudrätter / Main Course

Halstrad gösfilé från Hjälmaren, bryntsmör, laxromscitronette, gösmousseline, murkelrisotto

(Grilled fillet of pike-perch from Lake Hjälmaren, browned butter, salmon roe citronette, pike perch mousse-like, morel risotto)


What a beautiful dish, it was almost to beautiful to eat…almost.

All this wonderful food was accompanied by a lovely Ripasso red wine.

Some photos of the interior of the restaurant. Please take into consideration that the photos were taken a totally candle lit restaurant with my iPhone. (wish I had brought my canon for sharper photos)



A wall of fine wines...made my husband very happy to look at that

A wall of fine wines…made my husband very happy to look at that

Once we were home, we had a lovely classic Swedish desert :

Princess Tårta ( Princess Cake)

En grädd och marsipandröm ( A cream and marsipan dream)

Härligt  gräddig varvat med lager av saftig sockerkaksbotten och lite hallonssylt under det goda lagret marsipan

(Wonderfully creamy interspersed with layers of moist sponge cake and some raspberry jam for the good marzipan layer )


A very classic Swedish celebration cake



First thing we did when we arrived home was to check in on Iris. She has decided to hang onto her little babies even longer. So as of last night and today, no babies yet.

Be sure to check back for Updates from the Maternity Ward or announcements from  the Nursery at Gullringstorp !