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Happy to be Back !

Hej from Gullringstorp !

I have been down and out of commission with a terrible flu. The older you get the longer it seems it takes to bounce back from the flu. Back now and have a lot to get caught up on. Staying in bed is not fun when you have a house full of little critters that require your attention. Thanks to my husband, the goats have been well taken care of with grain, chopped fruit and fresh water twice a day. I have missed them so much! Just this past week I decided to come downstairs and perform at least one task a day then retreat back to rest. I feed our 4 cats their breakfast and dinner which is fresh cod chopped up in addition to their free choice kitty kibble. I tend to all  the fish tanks in the house and feed Little Lady our iguana. Yesterday I felt brave and strong enough to handle a bit more strenuous task… cleaning the frog aquarium.

I took this video yesterday:


This morning when I came down, it was clear that they were quite thankful for the fresh clean water in their tank. I was thinking my two females  looked a bit chubby. No wonder, they were full of eggs:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4


photo 3



photo 4


photo 1

Thank you to all my regular readers and new visitors to my blog, in my absence.