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City Girl Turned Country Gal Brings Culture Into the Stable at Gullringstorp Part 3

This morning started with memories from my past. Some made me cry and others made me laugh. I stayed in bed a bit longer to enjoy my memories and try to make sense of events in my past. Events that gave no clue whatsoever that I would one day be in the Swedish countryside raising a herd of goats nor have a business of my own. For some reason it made me a bit teary this morning so my visit with my goats was accompanied by the one and only Bette Midler. I really fell in love with her during the 70’s . I can not say that those were her prime vocal years because she still continues to move hearts as she sings today, those were just important years for me because I was introduced to her.

Of course my goats were treated to a duet this morning, me and Bette Midler. My singing has a real effect on my goats. The girls stand very still as if listening, then come forward for a snuggle and rub. My boys become enchanted with me. They come for their rub downs and hugs. Music is wonderful for all living creatures.

This is one of my favorites from an appearance in 1977. it’s a bit grainy but you can hear it just fine,  enjoy. If tears come, that’s ok: