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City Girl Turned Country Gal Brings Culture Into the Stable at Gullringstorp Part 2

This morning I greeted my lovely happy goats with a trip down memory lane. Today they enjoyed with me, a wonderful sound from a group whose stardom spanned from 1928-1982. Most of their most famous songs were from the 30’s and 40’s.  As a young girl and well into my teens, I was attracted to the sounds of the 30’s and 40’s.  I was a bit of an oddity singing songs from that era when other young teens were enjoying Motown artists along with other artist of the day.

One of my favorite groups was The Mills Brothers. I never had the great opportunity of seeing them in person, but my husband has. He saw them in a night club in Gothenburg, Sweden during the 1960’s. He even had a chat with one of the members of the group. Wow ! What I would have given for that experience!

As my goats got fresh hay, straw and clean water and were milked,  they enjoyed the following:

I know all the words of all their tunes so my goats got me singing also. Poor goats, they were my captive audience.