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City Girl Turned Country Gal Brings Culture Into the Stable at Gullringstorp


This post is a thank you to my daughter.

Last evening I got a tip from my daughter to listen to something on Spotify (I am trying to keep up to date with all the neat stuff out there).  She is a classical music enthusiast to say the least and is the kind of person that has the same opera but by  different performers or conductors. She knows her  stuff, so I listened when she said look for Maria Callas  singing my favorite opera La Traviata. The recording was a digitally  remastered recording of a live performance given at La Scala Opera House in 1955. Maria Callas and   Giuseppe Di Stefano are just magnificent.

My goats get music in the stable all  the time  and they really enjoy it, even my singing. This morning they were treated with Maria Callas in La Traviata.

I was fortunate to find this video on-line this morning.


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