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Gullringstorp Goats out for the First Time in Months

This morning was a perfect day for the goats to be out. No wind, no rain, no snow.  It will be a short day however, due to the darkness coming at 3 pm.   That’s ok because the ladies were getting cabin fever and even a short day out is better than no time out at all.

The ladies got to get out but not the boys. I know, I know what about the boys? Well it’s just not that easy and it requires some time and attention outdoors which was not on my schedule today. You see the issue is, my baby boys. I will give my babies more time in the boy’s box so they feel a part of their new little herd. I have several sub-herds within my complete herd. Once I feel Phillip and Winston have been accepted completely by the others, then I will feel comfortable letting them out with the others. In addition to that aspect of buck life, my little fellas have no previous knowledge of the electric fence which surrounds their enclosure. This will be a day that requires both of our attentions. The boys will have to be “introduced” to the fence. This is a ritual that I can not do. This is my husband’s job to place the tiny noses to the fence for what will be hopefully the one and only time their noses come into contact with it.

Well today was the day for the little girls and my ladies to go out and kick up their heels a bit:

goats having fun

Goats having fun

Time for fun

Time for fun

Look at my girls !

Look at my girls, oh how pretty they are!


Keriana, Hilda, her daughter Peanut and Alika

Fun on the snow

Fun on the snow

Rosie playing

Rosie playing with Pansy


Fiona with her cute black stockings

Petunia and Poppy playing

Petunia and Poppy playing with Iris, Nanna and Alika in the background


Nanna and Petunia and somebody else…

Petunia and Poppy

Petunia and Poppy and little Surprise on the snow

More fun

More fun

Nanna and Keriana

Nanna and Keriana


Snow goats

Snow goats

Snow goats

Snow goats up close


Fiona on her way…


Wheeeee  such fun they are all having running and just being silly!

After setting the electric fence, I walked into the stable. What a strange sensation to see my empty stable. It was so quiet and empty.

Empty boxes, what a strange sight, no goats....

Empty boxes, what a strange sight, no goats….

Empty boxes

Empty boxes

It was great fun watching all my goats out and running and literally kicking up their cute little heels. With the cold temperatures we have been having, our ground feels like concrete. It feels great to walk on it and the sound of my goat’s hooves as they run is just a wonder. They sound like a herd of galloping horses.

Well my ladies didn’t make it to 3 this afternoon. The sun has not set yet, a few minutes more and it will, but, it started snowing!

My ladies had a wonderful time out today the 7th day of January in the New Year 2013.

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