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2013 at Gullringstorp

Before I start this post, I would like to extend from my heart and  from all of us here at Gullringstorp, a most uccessful, healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR !

I have so much to write about since my last post,  but must take prioritize , so my post order of events will be a bit off.

What’s new here at Gullringstorp and what will be changes and developments for 2013:

We all had a wonderful Holiday with a bit of travel and then Swedish Jul and Christmas at home here at Gullringstorp. I was fortunate once again to have my daughter here with us to celebrate and enjoy all the Holiday fun. January 2nd we set my daughter off at the airport for her return home and went home and back to bed for a couple more hours sleep before meeting the goats. We still have not “fired up ” our new Milking Machine just because I wanted to get all our Holiday plans and activities done. During the Holidays I continued to use our Hand Milker while our ladies became familiar with that big scary Milking Machine that stand close to our milking stand.

On the morning of January 2nd with my first pump of the Hand Milker, it cracked and broke in my hands. My daughter said it was a sign. It was time to “fire up” the new Milking Machine. She is always right and it takes me some time to realize it. I was still not ready to use the fabulous Milking Machine. Please don’t ask me to give you a rational explanation, because I really can’t. So I started something that I had been so afraid of , hand milking!

Oh I can’t tell you the feeling that rushed through me as I held those tiny teats and actually expressed milk. I was so afraid that I couldn’t do this with my little hands, I was also afraid I would hurt my ladies or that I would not get the right squeeze action and no milk would come. Wow, this ushered me into the New Year with a renewed sense of confidence as a “goat mommy”.

I felt wonderful. My ladies were accepting of my hands on them and I was in heaven as I leaned against their warm tummies and could hear all  the sounds they make as their grain and hay do their thing in their tummies. I felt great feeling the warmth of their fur and could look into their eyes as I milked them.

It all felt so natural and right.

My Hand Milker has since been repaired, but to tell you the truth, I am not so sure I will go back to it.

If you have seen my website or read anything about my business, I want to do everything in my business and with my animals, as natural as possible. I know , logically, that a Milking Machine is needed and I will have many ladies “in milk ” in about 4 months time, but for now, I would like to continue hand milking.


Look at Alika's "baby bump" !

Alika, just one of several  nice warm furry lady goats at Gullringstorp

Welcome back for other new developments here at Gullringstorp in 2013.