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Hurricane Sandy

I had planned a really silly goat post for today but I feel this is a much more important message.

This storm sounds like something to be concerned about. It’s not everyday that New York is warned of such impending danger. There have been mandatory evacuations called for which means this is a storm to take seriously. But, I do know New Yorkers, they are resilient and strong and are hopefully prepared for what ever comes.

Even though all this is true, I would still like to say here that I am as concerned for the residents of NY and the east coast.

I have a regular reader whose home was also threatened by the storm. I have wished Seasonsgirl  at all the best as well as everyone in Sandy’s path.


From all of us at Gullringstorp, we are thinking of you and want you to please stay safe!

One response

  1. Thank you so much… we are as ready as we can be so hopefully it is enough 🙂

    October 29, 2012 at 15:09

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