My life in the country with my site

Branches , Branches and More Branches !

Unfortunately, our enclosures for the goats, both female and males, have neither trees or rocky out crops. This means that we have to import these items to allow our goats a more natural environment. the boulders are not easy to move but luckily we have a heavy tractor with a strong scoop to help get the job done. We have a variety of trees and hedges all around Gullringstorp, so we are never without some treats for our goats. We always have clippers at hand ; I carry mine in my Farmer Jane utility britches with lots of fun pockets. No matter where we are on the property, there is an abundance of delicious branches with juicy leaves for our gang.            Hilda is in a couple of the videos below, but that was just before she delivered her two babies…

Welcome back for more fun from Gullringstorp !

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