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Meet Little Surprise and Watch Toby and Max

Here are some of our new babies here at Gullringstorp!

Ivy gave my husband a real “surprise ” one morning when I was in London. He entered the stable and there was the tiniest new baby in the first box. This was not and expected birth , it really took us by surprise. We have tried to place ourselves back to January and figure out just how our little Ivy became pregnant. Not only do we not know how she became pregnant, but we couldn’t see a baby bump for her 5 month pregnancy! Well, she had what appeared to be a good pregnancy and obviously a problem-free birth.

Our tiny new baby, “Surprise” was born June 12, 2012:

Out little Toby is not so little anymore. He really has a great time with his pal Max.  He is really growing fast and will soon be transferred to the boys box:

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