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A Change for The Royal Ballet in London

This country gal, as you all l know by now was not always a country gal. I was a city girl with my daughter. We not only danced together in many ballets, but have been fortunate to be able to travel and see our favorite ballet companies around the world. One of our most favorite companies is The Royal Ballet of London. We have begged, borrowed and you know the rest, to get to see some of the brilliant performances of The Royal Ballet. We have followed the dancers and were happy to see certain dancers go up the ranks of the company and have aways enjoyed and looked forward to new pieces as well as old and new interpretations of classic ballets. My daughter was lucky  to be living in London during the Royal opera House LIVE series of the Royal Ballet company. I could only enjoy the videos.

Well the cherry on top of our ballet viewing was my daughter attending the ballet where they honored the Director Monica Mason in a final curtain call and flower throw. these are things one can only read about and hope one day to actually be present. this was truly, the cherry on the top. for me as well even though I was not in attendance. My daughter called and gave a detailed report of the beautiful evening and I know how very special it was for her. I was so happy to hear her beautiful descriptions of the evening.

Monica Mason is ending a 54 yr involvement with the Royal ballet and this is her final season. After a move from South Africa, Monica Mason joined the Royal Ballet School at the age of 14.  She went on to become the company’s youngest member  at age 16. She became a principal dancer in 1968. She  has worked very closely with choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan. In 1991 she became the Assistant  Director under Sir Anthony Dowell. She became Director of the Royal Ballet of London in 2002 . in 2008 Monica Mason was made Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Henceforth known as Dame Monica Mason. She has been instrumental in bringing The Royal Ballet company to a higher level of excellence. The bar has been set.

I have added some video footage of The Royal Ballet and Dame Monica Mason. I hope you enjoy!
A look at what the world renowned Royal Ballet actually do!

Carlos Acosta, Tamara Rojo, Steven McRae, Melissa Hamilton, Eric Underwood, Leanne Benjamin, Edward Watson, Thiago Soares, Jose Martin, Yohei Sasaki, Marianela Nunez, Yuhui Choe, Brian Maloney, Ludovic Ondiviela, Sarah Lamb, Federico Bonelli, Valeri Hristov, Jonathan Watkins, Laura Morera, Bennet Gartside, Royal Ballet, Pass Out, Romeo and Juliet, Elite Syncopations, Concerto, Judas Tree, Mayerling, Manon, Bayadere, Giselle, Chroma, Infra, Limen













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