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The goats are all out !!!!

After several days of cold temperatures, wind and rain, we have found a small window of opportunity.  The goats are all out !!!

Our happy goats

Our happy goats

For me the excitement starts as soon as we decide, ok let’s take a chance. I feel my heart start to race as I fill the wheel barrow with hay and place the bales strategically correct with in both enclosures.  Then I head excitedly back out for the straw bales which require the same thought as to where they go in each enclosure. As I do this my husband fills all the water buckets and they too are placed with careful consideration and thought.

Then the boys are the first to come out and I bring up the rear with the constant, “let’s go boys ” to keep them from wandering to the left or the right. I delight in watching their little rear ends happily trot in the right direction. The boys are happy to be out, but more happy to eat their hay and straw, outside.

No matter what may be laying heavy on my heart as I meet the new day, my goats always , always bring me to a happy content state of mind. I forget about the trials and tribulations of this life and those of my loved ones, just temporarily. For this period of time, my mind and thoughts are only on my goats. In some way they are a sort of salvation for me. When I leave them , I feel clear in my head and able to tackle life, once again.

Next are the girls. We know who are our leaders and who should be the leaders on leash. Pumpkin is always ready and very proud to be our lead goat out to the enclosure.  But now we must also think about the baby girls Iris , Petunia and Ivy who are new to this; so we leash Iris the leader of this box, so the other two will follow her into the enclosure.

Once they are all  in the enclosure my husband turns to other chores on the farm, but for me this is when the real fun begins. I find a spot to stand so I can see clearly all the goats in both enclosures and I am not in anyone’s running path.

I just stand…

I listen…

I watch…

I smell…

It’s just magnificent ! Everything !

I hear every hoof as it happily and with wild abandon strikes the wet earth..

They sound like a herd of horses… The sound goes right into me and I feel like I really need it…

They run and kick their hind legs out like stallions and little colts…

The smell of the upturned earth is rich with the scents of rain, soil, ground in hay and straw, I smell it all…

My goats all run together, there is no distinction at this point between families or box mates, young or old…

They just run…

I watch..

I listen…

I smell…

I stand still and close my eyes…

At this moment while they are so free, so am I…

I become lost in the thunderous sound of their hooves, large and tiny alike striking the wet earth…

My heart and soul are nourished with all of this…

Suddenly it stops, I open my eyes and they have all broken up into groups; mothers and their babies, and those who share a box.

They are all so happy and content as they begin to nibble the fresh new blades of grass the rain has helped to grow…

I walk back to the house with a great sense of satisfaction, warmth, happiness and ready for what ever life has to offer…

6 responses

  1. I love hearing about your goats, but must admit ours aren’t quite as concerned about the weather. Ours certainly don’t like a lot of snow or a lot of rain, but will venture outside to their pen in light rain and when there is snow on the ground. They don’t like it, but if we are outside doing chores they have to come out and see what is going on – they don’t want to miss anything. Goats are wonderful, and the owners are great folks too.

    April 12, 2012 at 12:56

    • Hej from Sweden !
      I am glad you enjoy reading about our goats and life here at Gullringstorp! Yes my ladies, not so much the boys, Ii don’t think, just hate the rain and as soon as they feel a drop they are yelling to come in. They have been out in the snow on a mild winter’s day with no wind. Oh yes, they detest the wind. And we get a really strong northern wind blown down from Russia. I wish our goats weren’t so picky about the weather like yours, it would really make things easier on us. What kind of goats do you have? I know you must love you r goats as much as I love mine. They are wonderful creatures !
      Welcome back anytime, Judy!

      April 12, 2012 at 13:35

  2. Awww, you do love your goat. Do you use them for milk. My grandmother did. Sometimes she would sell them after a time.

    April 12, 2012 at 16:00

  3. Hej from Sweden !

    Yes I do love all my goats and all their various personalities! they are exquisite little animals . Yes I do use their milk , in fact I am in the process of getting 3 of my pregnant goats ready to be milked by first getting used to the Milk Stand. It’s a process that requires at least 2 months. I may sell boys if we get too many boys, I plan to keep all my girls! We did sell two of our goats because we just needed to make more room for Pygmy goats we were purchasing. We don’t want to sell our adults. We have learned them and their particular habits and personalities and they help to teach the young ones the way of our stable and herd.
    Welcome back any time Shainwrites. We are expecting babies in May ! I have enjoyed your blog, by the way!

    April 12, 2012 at 16:29

  4. That’s very smart, the concept of not selling the adults. Can’t wait to see the babies in May. Thanks for your kind words about my blog.

    April 14, 2012 at 05:32

    • Hej Shainwrites !

      The adults are valuable members of this herd. It would not make any sense to sell them. Frida is our oldest lady and we really have no idea of her real age but I do know she as well as the others have a home with us as long as they live. They will grow old with us. Yes I am quite excited to see our new babies also ! Keep posting !

      April 14, 2012 at 11:16

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