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Sweden’s New Royal Princess Update

Yesterday was a joyous day of celebration for the birth of our newest Royal Family member.

Today we learn all about Sweden’s littlest Princess:

Her name has been chosen:  Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary

Many of the Royal experts were hoping for Alice or Sophia. There were girl names being suggested in all the papers and on the news.

Our King Carl XVI Gustaf  has announced Sweden’s littlest Princess’ Royal title:  Duchess of Östergötland 

This little one has a very impressive and long name and an equally impressive title.  Our king Carl XVI Gustaf  has said in an announcement this morning: “I am sure that the Duchess will do her best to embrace the county of Östergötland.”

Also it needs to be said that our new Duchess of Östergötland has already had a couple of introductions, this morning.  Our new Duchess has been introduced to the Marshall of the Realm and the Speaker of the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) . She is already a busy little Duchess.

Here is the only known photo of our New Duchess taken as she left the hospital with her parents, HRH Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

I know, a bit disappointing. Our new Princess is in that carrier, somewhere!


Sweden’s littlest new Princess  will have a big responsibility ahead of her, but for now she can enjoy being a baby!

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