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Goat Treats

I have been the recipient for about a year, of a wonderful electronic magazine called “Goat Crazy”. It’s a great little publication with lots of facts and fun stories,  all about goats.  I really enjoy reading them as they arrive in my email.  Some articles are of special interest to me so print them out.  One such article was a recipe for Goat Treats.  I thought why not. I would rather make them myself than purchase commercial “treats” for my little herd. After all, I did make all my daughter’s baby food and beverages after she was weened.  It seemed only natural that I would gravitate toward this recipe. This way I know exactly what my goats are eating. All the ingredients are natural and healthy for them.

Here is the Goat Treat Recipe:


3 cups of grain ( cracked oats or barley)

9.5 ounces of molasses

1 cup whole wheat flour



15 cups of grain

48 ounces of molasses

5 cups whole wheat flour

The amount of grain can be reduced and raisins, apple, carrots or other favorites may be substituted. Mix together adding a small amount of water. Spray cookie sheets with cooking oil. Make small balls. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until they appear done.

For grain, I used a portion of my goat’s muesli which contains a variety of grains, a small portion of cracked wheat and a small portion of cracked barley.  The amount of grain was reduced as I added my goats’ favorites.  Carrots, apples, raisins and bananas were added to my version.

Goat Treat ingredients

Step 1 : Assemble all your Goat Treat ingredients



Step 2  combine dry ingredients in large mixing bowl , measure out your molasses

Step 2 : Combine dry ingredients in large mixing bowl, measure out your molasses

Step 3 : Pour all the molasses over your dry ingredients

Step 3 : Pour all the molasses over your dry ingredients (Isn't that just beautiful?)

Step 4 : Mix well. the recipe calls for a bit of water but actually it made my batter too thin. So I ended up adding more flour

Step 4 : Mix well. the recipe calls for a bit of water but actually it made my batter too thin. So I just ended up adding more flour

Step 4 : In the oven with my little Goat Treats

Step 5 : Place your Goat Treats in a pre heated oven

Step 5b: Check on Treats. the recipe says they will cook for 20 mins. but I always say, humm 20 mins. in who's oven. So

Step 6: The recipe says they will cook for 20 mins. I have a bad habit of checking my oven often

These glorious little goat Treats filled my home with the most delicious warm scent. My husband thought I was baking for us. My daughter called and I told her we were going to a neighborhood Christmas gathering and that I was baking. When I told her I was baking Goat Treats, She said, what’s wrong with this picture? Wasn’t I supposed to be baking for the gathering? No. It was not that kind of gathering. So I am certifiable in my daughter’s eyes, for not baking for a gathering and for baking for my goats. In her eyes, I have lost it. Maybe I have , but my house certainly smells heavenly!

Step 6 : Place Goat Treats on baking racks to cool

Step 7 : Place Goat Treats on baking racks to cool

My finished product, beautiful golden, healthy and hopefully delicious, Goat Treats

My finished product; beautiful golden, healthy and hopefully, naturally delicious, Goat Treats

We attended our neighbor Christmas gathering and had a great time. We stayed from 6 -9. It was time to get back to Gullringstorp and end to the goats.  This was a night of fresh hay and grain only; no chopped fruits. We have decided to start alternating their chopped fruit dinner so they are every other night. I though the goats would put up a fuss, but it turns out they enjoy what ever they get as long as they come with a little conversation, some hugs and patting and oh yes, some kisses.

At 9:05 we were home and out of our “party” clothes and into our warm stable clothes and into the cold night we went making our way to the stable and our warm goats. All my girls were out to play and run. All except the new babies, Iris, Petunia and Ivy.  They are still new in the stable and rank low in the hierarchy of our little herd. They get time out to run only when Nanna and the other babies are out. Pumpkin, Keriana, Alika, Frida and Hilda are not very nice to them, yet. They will be, in time.  As they all ran and played, Leif and I filled boxes with fresh hay, straw for beds and some grain and filled or changed water buckets. Their stable home looks like Christmas; my husband strung Christmas lights on both sides of the stable and put them on a timer to go off at 10 pm. It looks really lovely inside . The light from the Christmas lights gives off a real warm hue and I hope the goats like it as much as I do.

Everyone was having so much fun that I decided to let them run and play longer. So my Goat Treats were given out as they ran past me. Because they were new to my herd, no one got a full cookie. I broke them up and offered them to little warm mouths that gobbled them up, and returned for more.

My Goat Treats were a success!

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