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Updates from Gullringstorp

We have had a lovely summer although it can be described as a Swedish summer. Not only is Swedish summer unique with its up and down temperatures, it is really only one month, July. We have had winter temperatures, days on end of rain and humidity. We have had days that just gave the impression of rain; those were the worst for us here. We couldn’t tell if it was ok to let the goats out into the enclosure or have them stay in. It’s a game Mother Nature plays with us and we have to play along.

Clouds in the sky but it was a good outdoor day for the goats anyway

Remember Baby Boy went back out into the enclosure after several days off grass? Well I was so scared after he was out because he and the others eat grass like they are starving. So the next day, he and his buddies had to stay in.  It was not so bad. We brought goodies in for them all.

Balder and Flynn enjoy freshly chopped branches in their box

Balder and Flynn enjoy freshly chopped branches in their boxBalder enjoying branches in his box


After a cloudy morning, the sky cleared up and the goats were to come out. Frida was laying down in her box so I passed her and opened all the others. Then I went back to see if she had any interest in coming out. She seemed like she did. Out in the enclosure, all the other goats went to have a sniff at her which was unusual. Frida  was making very low cooing sounds, again unusual. I opened the fencing and she ran straight into the stable and into her box. We have a feeling she will deliver soon. I will take my tea and camera out and sit with her. She may deliver today or it may be a false alarm.

I will continue this post after we know what is happening.

We will be back !!!


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