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Music for my Goats

My goats and chickens are always treated to wonderful music in the stable as well as the enclosure.

This evening they heard my favorite cellist, Yo Yo Ma playing my favorite piece of Saint-Saens Carnival of Animals, The Swan.

I have a habit that drives my daughter crazy. I put a favorite piece of music on repeat. I love this piece. My girls seemed to enjoy this evening’s music choice. I try to play soothing music in the evening and when milking. My girls dance with me to Bruno Mars during the day in the enclosure 😂❤

Winter Darkness

A little light and a little color on this dark afternoon. 16:00😱


Pip loves to watch the snow falling.😊❤️❄️

Jack or Jill

My African Dwarf Albino frogs loves to watch me when I’m in my office. Not sure if this is Jack or Jill😊


It’s been snowing here at Gullringstorp all night. The snow looks like whip cream on the hedges. Max and Finn sank into the snow on their evening potty. The snow was blowing hard and ice cold. It’s -7C tonight. Juliet and Pumpkin our two senior cats have 8 hr heat pads tucked into their Li’l Sis Eco-Friendly Snuggle Pouches. There’s an extra one for Boris also. My tiniest babies, Leopard Geckos Tana and Twinkle have a bit of extra heat as well.

Out in our stable, the goats have extra straw for warm beds and so do our chickens who don’t roost but sleep on the ground.

It may be an icy cold night but everyone is cozy at Gullringstorp!❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️


Leif is clearing snow from the road that leads to the back fields. It needs to be cleared so he can remove snow and dump on the fields behind the boy’s enclosures.

Winter Snow at Gullringstorp!

Hej from Gullringstorp! We had a ton of snow fall last night and still falling. Leif has shoveled paths for us to get to and from the stable. There are also paths for the dogs. Both roads into Gullringstorp were snowed in this morning. Time to bring out the tractor to help move snow. The snow is too deep in the enclosures so the goats are inside today. Temperature is holding at -7 I believe.

Goats Inside

Tuva and Spirea enjoy hay as the chickens mill around outside their door. They are not bothered. The chickens on the other hand, are not happy. They enjoy their box when they are out in the enclosure.

Sidney Update

My little dragon has been in burmation since Dec. 19, 2017.

She semi woke once on Christmas day and one more time. After the last appearance l, Sidney hid herself so I can no longer see her. She has plenty of places to hide in, under or behind. Great for her but awful for me.

There are lots of sounds in my house with 2 dogs, 4 cats, Boris my iguana and Jack & Jill my Albino frogs on my desk. I have come recognize every sound and know who made them. Yesterday I heard the indisputable sound of a dragon moving behind a cork log!!!

I got so excite!!😝 Well, apparently, she just readjusted her cute self. She is NOT awake yet.

I’m seriously thinking of moving her to the big fish tank that now holds my cricket farm. More room for Sidney and I would be able to remove logs etc. That way I could at least see her while she sleeps. Not a purely selfish move on my part. She will enjoy the extra space. I’m still weighing the pros and cons of this move.

In the meanwhile, Sidney continues to sleep! 😴

My Girls

We had a large branch of a very old apple tree, crack and break off. Our girls spotted it on their way into the stable this evening. When I saw their interest in that huge branch, I had no choice but to break off smaller branches to take inside. After my girls play their in & out game at the stable entrance, they got surprises in their boxes. My silly girls will come to the entrance then out they go again.😂 Never a dull moment with my goats. I just love them❤

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